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High Street Fit Finder is a free information service that removes the frustration, and dressing room agony, from shopping for jeans.

We help you to find the perfect fit and buy the right size first time.

It’s new, it’s different, and it’s the little retail revolution that you know just needs to happen… get involved and join us, and together we’ll bring sense to sizing!

What size jeans am I?


Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Measure yourself
  2. Use the Fit Finder
  3. Buy the right size first time – online or instore

We match your body measurements against all the retailer’s size guides and product data to find what you’re looking for.

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Jeans of different sizes on the Fit Finder


You’ll find all these major High Street retailers to search on the Fit Finder and Brand Directory

brands you can find on High Street Fit Finder


Just received my jeans and I love them, they are the perfect fit!

Katherine R.

I’ll definitely use this website regularly as it saves so much time.

Alison H.

When my new jeans arrived they fitted perfectly!

Katie H.

It seriously cuts down the stress of online shopping.


you're so much more than a number image


The current culture in the UK is causing women to feel increasingly under pressure to be a certain size. This pressure can cause anxiety over appearance and low self-esteem, and lead to mental health conditions such as eating disorders.

Coupled with a retail industry that promotes vanity sizing, where an individual can be six different sizes in six different shops, leaves women feeling confused, frustrated and often, distressed over their “size”.

As well as helping women to buy clothes that fit, quickly and easily, we want to help women to stop defining their self-worth by being, or wanting to be, a certain size, and to be happy in their own skin.

We aim to do this by making “size” irrelevant; it should be just a number that is used to purchase something, and by only allowing additional advertising that is body positive, body diverse and not airbrushed, women can shop without comparison to unrealistic body ideals.

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It’s FREE to register and in return you’ll receive;


Access to the latest offers and discounts from High Street brands


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The power to influence sizing on the High Street

keep a little extra cash in your pocket


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Denim shorts

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Hi there! Jo here, founder of! It’s a wild ride this startup thing you know! An emotional roller coaster! So the time has come to look for a business partner – someone to share this journey with and continue to take High Street Fit...

Big Data, Big Picture

Yesterday I attended a data storytelling workshop at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning (fantastic event and free). I wanted to learn a bit more about how to visualise data. High Street Fit Finder has a MASSIVE amount of unique data and we use it in a...

Selfie esteem

The #nomakeupselfie Doing good for charity Celebrities post them And look so perfectly pretty   So, I’ll give it a go How hard can it be? We always take selfies All the girls and me   Oops, I dropped the camera No, I don’t like this light Oh why...

Levi’s jeans

When most people think of jeans brands, Levi’s is usually one of the first to be mentioned. Levi’s is iconic in the world of denim and has been around since jeans began way back when in the gold fields of California. Some are surprised to know that Levi Strauss...


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