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High Street Fit Finder is a free information service that removes the frustration, and dressing room agony, from shopping for jeans.

We help you to find the perfect fit and buy the right size first time.

It’s new, it’s different, and it’s the little retail revolution that you know just needs to happen… get involved and join us, and together we’ll bring sense to sizing!

What size jeans am I?


Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Measure yourself
  2. Use the Fit Finder
  3. Buy the right size first time – online or instore

We match your body measurements against all the retailer’s size guides and product data to find what you’re looking for.

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Jeans of different sizes on the Fit Finder


You’ll find all these major High Street retailers to search on the Fit Finder and Brand Directory

brands you can find on High Street Fit Finder


Just received my jeans and I love them, they are the perfect fit!

Katherine R.

I’ll definitely use this website regularly as it saves so much time.

Alison H.

When my new jeans arrived they fitted perfectly!

Katie H.

It seriously cuts down the stress of online shopping.


you're so much more than a number image


High Street Fit Finder is for anyone who wants to save time and/or money shopping for clothes, and for those who have trouble finding clothes that fit.

“Inconsistency in sizes is a big issue for women, with almost six in ten (57%) not knowing what size to order” Mintel, 2011

Often referred to as ‘vanity sizing’, this disparity between retailer’s sizes causes confusion, and makes shopping, whether online or in-store, a time-consuming nightmare.

Jo Caley was a geologist, and a frustrated shopper.  Not wanting to spend hours, if not days, searching the shops for a pair of jeans that fit, she sought a solution to the problem, taught herself how to code and built the Fit Finder and website.

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